1. Brown is the world’s most common eye color.
  2. Having two eyeballs gives humans depth perception, two eyes can compare two images allowing the brain to determine how far away something is.
  3. Your eye is the fastest muscle in your body. That is why the phrase “in the blink of an eye” was created.
  4. The human brain sees, not the eyes. The eyes function by capturing light and sending information to the brain, which interprets it.
  5. Eyelashes last just five months on average.
  6. Normal vision is 20/20.
  7. The human nose and ears keep growing throughout life, but eyes remain the same size.
  8. Keeping one’s eyes open will keep them from sneezing.
  9. The human eye can see ten times more than 50 shades of gray.
  10. The human eye blinks an average 4,200,000 times each year.
  11. The cornea doesn’t have any blood vessels, all other human tissue does.
  12. People read 25 times faster on paper vs. a computer screen.
  13. The human eye only sees RGB – red, blue and green. Other colors are a combination of RGB.
  14. The most active muscle in humans is the eye.
  15. Having blue eyes mean one shares a common ancestor with every other blue-eyed person.
  16. The sensitivity of the optic nerve is the reason eye transplants are near impossible.
  17. The hollow socket around the eye protects it.
  18. The muscles in the eye could be 100 times weaker and still perform.
  19. People produce less tears as they age.
  20. Basic function eyes are believed to have been developed in animals 550 million years ago
  21. Color blindness is more common in males.
  22. Vitamins A and  C help preserve eyesight.
  23. The human eye is always working and doesn’t need to rest.
  24. Only one sixth of the human eyeball is exposed.
  25. The brain turns the image one sees right side up, meaning the eyes see upside down.
  26. The eyeball weighs around 28 grams.
  27. Sunglasses and hats in bright light to protect eyes from harmful UV rays.
  28. Eyebrows prevent sweat dripping into the eyes.
  29. The function of tears is to keep eyes clean, it is not understood why tears are produced when crying.
  30. The human iris has 256 uniques characteristics, a fingerprint has 40. Retina scans are more effective in differentiating humans.
  31. The nose runs when crying because tears drain into the nasal passage.