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Eyewear Trends in 2019 - Hargrave Eye Center

Whether one has a prescription for them or just likes wearing them to make a fashion statement, eyewear is one of the hottest style accessories going. The right pair or pairs can transform an ensemble, attitude and turn heads. Every season, new eyewear trends emerge, and for 2019, both the runway and social media are showing off all kinds of bold and beautiful frames.

Blue Light - Hargrave Eye Center

Many electronic devices like the smartphone, tablet and computer screens all contain it, and even natural sunlight has a ton of it. It’s just about everywhere one looks. It’s called blue light, and these short-wavelength, high-energy light rays can cause more harm than good when too much of them are exposed to the eyes.

Hargrave Eye Center

Keratitis can be summed up as a general inflammation of the cornea. The cornea is responsible for about sixty percent of your total optical power. Inflammation of the cornea can cause a multitude of problems from very minor to total blindness if not treated properly.