Whether one has a prescription for them or just likes wearing them to make a fashion statement, eyewear is one of the hottest style accessories going. The right pair or pairs can transform an ensemble, attitude and turn heads. Every season, new eyewear trends emerge, and for 2019, both the runway and social media are showing off all kinds of bold and beautiful frames. TV icons like Oprah Winfrey are obsessed with striking eyewear and don’t leave home without a snazzy pair on. There are plenty of cool options just waiting to enhance every unique face shape and set of features out there.

New York-based eyewear company Vint & York is always at the forefront of fashionable eyewear and sees 2019 as an opportunity to treat one’s peepers to some vibrancy in color, revamped classics or a pair adorned with extraordinary details.

For instance, the popular eyewear designers are forecasting strong red frames as one choice that also leads to pink and purple frames. These flirty girly shades give a woman a playful vibe and are especially appealing to college-age students.

Classic gold metal eyeglasses are a sophisticated option for both men and women, and in 2019, round frames in gold are perfect for the work environment. This style is refined and simple and never goes out of fashion.

Vint & York also fancy eyeglass frames in modern prints to dazzle the eyes. Marble-toned frames are a great take on the classic tortoiseshell look and give the wearer’s ensemble that extra touch of hipness. In addition, vintage nude frames are hot in shades like caramel, light brown and beige. Trying on a pair in an oval frame is the ultimate since the oval silhouette is one of the chicest of the moment.

When it comes to sunglasses, 2019 is also eyeing bigger and bolder trends in every sense of the word. For instance, patterns aren’t shy in the least, especially animal prints like the zebra or black and white checkered designs. These frames say “Look at me” and well, everyone does.

A pair of sunnies bedazzled in crystals are ideal and bring out the bling, and Stella McCartney has rolled out some sexy, tinted futuristic shades.

Eyewear trends for 2019 are anything but demure or plain.