Hargrave Eye Center Iridology can be defined as the science that helps you learn about your health through examination of the iris, sclera and other structural aspects of the eye. These signs correspond with various organs and systems of the body and provide details regarding their integrity and function. In addition, markings and patterns can indicate toxic accumulations, areas of congestion and inherent challenges and gifts.

Iridology is based on empirical observations (made by medical doctors and other researchers over the last 300 years) which suggest that certain dysfunctional states in the body are indicated by different textures and color properties within the iris. It is useful for preventative health because these imbalances in the body can be detected early on, giving time for adjustments to be made using natural therapies.

Recently, a new app — “Iridology Test” — has been released to help individuals detect imbalances within the body that combines the principles of iridology with the power of essential oils.  According to an article, this simple tool carried in your pocket aims to provide greater wellness by identifying anomalies in the eyes. Users simply take a picture of their eye with their smartphone or IPad and then select anomalies in the image of their eye for assessment. The app then evaluates those imperfections and correlates them with body systems organs that may be out of balance. In addition to providing specific body systems that may be unbalanced, the Iridology test app also provides a simple and easy to follow protocol to bring those systems back into balance using single essential oils. These protocols are based upon experts in the industry of natural healing with respect to essential oils and their ability to bring specific body systems back into balance.

The basic premise of Iridology is holistic in nature — to consider the relationships within the body and where imbalances are located. It does not attempt to address a specific symptom or disease. However, once uncovered, these imbalances (and factors contributing to them) can be addressed, often causing symptoms to diminish or disappear. Currently, the app is only available in the App Store, but the creators of the app are currently developing an Android version. Download the app here.