Makeup is a fun way to play with our facial features and achieve a desired look or style. But, when used improperly or irresponsibly, certain makeup items like mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow can cause damage not only to the skin, but to the eyes. Examples of this damage include irritation around the eyes, premature aging, infection, and more serious health complications.

When the proper precautions are taken, there is little to nothing to worry about, but you should be taking extra care to follow a routine that preserves the health of your eyes. Here are the top tips for practicing eye safety while using makeup!

Wash Your Hands Before the Application

Your hands pick up all sorts of dirt, dust, and bacteria. If you don’t wash your hands before applying your makeup, that bacteria can get into your eyes and cause infection.

Renew Your Makeup Every Six Months

It often goes overlooked that makeup has a shelf life just like any other product. Spoiled makeup is bad for the skin. Using a marker to write the purchase date on your makeup and get rid of it after six months.

Close Containers All the Way

Leaving containers open can allow bacteria and germs to permeate your makeup. When exposed to a large amount of oxygen, the shelf life of the makeup also shortens. To keep it safe, keep it closed!

Do Not Use Sharp Objects Around the Eyes

This one explains itself. If you use a sharp object to separate your eyelashes, for example, you are putting yourself at risk for a major eye injury. Better safe than sorry. Use the proper brushes and application tools to decrease your chances of injury. Your eyesight is what is most important here!

Don’t Share Your Makeup

Bacteria and germs can be transferred from person to person if the same brushes or makeup are shared. IF you do share with someone, you will want to replace it to reduce the risk of being exposed to infection.

If the Texture of Your Makeup Changes, Throw It Away

This is important! Do not use your makeup if the texture has changed even if adding water to it makes it look normal again.

Use the proper precautions when using your eye makeup and enjoy all that it has to offer you without the risk! Preserving your eyesight should be of the utmost importance.