Now that you have finally decided on a pair of glasses that you want, it’s time to talk about taking care of them. Properly taking care of your lenses is ideal to ensure the longevity of your purchase. This article will talk about some useful tips and habits in cleaning and maintaining your glasses.


Before you clean your glasses with a solution, make sure you rinse them off with water to remove dirt and dust particles that may have accumulated throughout the day. Small bits of dirt, if not washed off first, can become abrasive and scratch your glasses leaving permanent marks on your lenses.

Use A Spray

Avoid using any cleaning solution that is not specifically designed for cleaning glasses. Other solutions could damage your glasses or cause them to lose their shine. Use chemical sprays that are made to clean delicate areas of your glasses.


Avoid using any kind of tissue or other surfaces to dry your glasses once you have cleaned or rinsed them. The materials in tissues, paper towels, or even shirts can cause scratches and fade on your glasses. The best way to dry your glasses is with a lint-free cloth or to let them air-dry.


Putting away your glasses when they are not in use plays an equal role in making your glasses last a lifetime. Whenever you are not wearing your glasses, make sure you put them in a glasses case where they are secure. Having a glasses case will conceal them from exposure to dust and dirt as well as protect them from being bent or broken. Another good tip is to keep two cases around for your glasses just in case you leave one lying around!

Repair Kit

If your glasses were to ever get damaged or broken, there are plenty of places that sell small repair kits for glasses that could potentially fix the problem. Many repair kits have a small screwdriver with additional screws to repair the hinge on your glasses. It is extremely helpful and convenient to have a repair kit handy wherever you go. The repair kit could save you money, and the time it takes to get it repaired at a nearby shop.

The biggest tip to remember is that your glasses are very sensitive and can be easily damaged or scratched. Be gentle with your glasses and take good care of them and they can last you a lifetime, or until you need a higher prescription!