New technological advances such as virtual reality (VR) have been used to help eye care patients in recent years. Now, some companies are utilizing the incredibly useful VR technology for training doctors for real life situations. This article will briefly talk about how VR is being used to train doctors and the positive outcomes of VR and other developing technologies.


Normally, eye doctors would receive training on on surgical procedures from observation and on patients. This can be a risky way of training surgeons and VR is helping to eliminate the risk entirely. A biotech company called Genentech has developed a high-grade version of VR that eye surgeons can use to simulate performing surgery on patients.


In recent years, the VR headsets had only been used for gaming purposes. The headsets tended to have a delay making the technology at the time unusable for medical testing and procedures. Now, with costs lowered for the VR headsets and the improvement of the tech, VR can be used more seriously in medical practice. Putting on the VR headset, the surgeon is immersed into a world where the smallest movements and gestures affect what they see and hear. Surgeons can now simulate performing common procedures such as cataract surgery with real tools laid out for them. Everything about the VR procedure is as real as it can be but, biotech companies like Genentech are still looking to improve the VR tech to the most optimal level.=

Other Uses

Many biotech companies are investing in VR and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to improve many medical procedures. The popularity of VR and AR technologies continues to rise every year and seeps into many other industries. Companies such as Walmart and the United Parcel Service (UPS) are using VR and AR to simulate driving situations. Before their drivers hit the road, they are having them go through an immersive training using VR tech that very closely resembles life-like driving situations. This way drivers are much more prepared to deal with stressful situations on the road. VR tech continues to grow and has a massive amount of potential for all industries.